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Ami –Sailor Mercury– Ami Mizuno, a particularly gifted student at Juban Middle School, is envious of Usagi’s ability to make friends. Meanwhile, Jadeite, the shadowy man from before, is ordered by his leader, Queen Beryl, to create a new monster, while Luna feels that Ami has the potential to become a Sailor Guardian. The next day, Luna makes an opportunity for Usagi and Ami to befriend each other after school, and the two go to Game Center Crown where they win two pens from the Sailor V arcade game machine. Afterwards, Ami goes to the Crystal Seminar, where students use computers to study, unaware that they have drained their energy as one of Jadeite’s plans. Discovering Ami’s strange behavior the next day, Usagi and Luna look into the disk she received from the seminar and realize that it is a hypnotizing program tricking people into finding information on the Legendary Silver Crystal. Using the pen she received from the arcade machine, Usagi disguises herself as a doctor and sneak into the Crystal Seminar to rescue Ami. After the monster reveals herself as Garoben, Usagi transforms and is overpowered, causing Ami to snap out of her trance. Using the pen she received from the arcade, Ami transforms into a new Sailor Guardian, Sailor Mercury. Using her Mercury Aqua Mist attack, Ami disables Garoben, who is then killed by Usagi with her Moon Tiara Boomerang.