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Blake explains to Sun her history with the White Fang and how she was a member since she was a child, but left some time after a change of leadership five years before turned the group violent. Elsewhere, Ruby and Yang are looking urgently for Blake, though Weiss is more ambivalent. Penny appears, prompting Yang and Weiss to leave, with Ruby remaining to explain the situation to Penny and acquire her help. Blake and Sun discuss the robberies and decide to stake out a cargo shipment of Dust to see if the White Fang are really involved. That night they are watching the cargo when an airship descends. Members of the White Fang emerge from the airship along with Torchwick. Blake jumps down and threatens Torchwick, demanding an explanation for why the White Fang are working with him. A fight ensues, drawing Ruby’s attention from several blocks away, and Blake and Sun fight Torchwick and the White Fang members as more airships arrive. Ruby shows up to help but is struck by a blast from Torchwick. Penny begins fighting them alone and takes down several airships, defeating most of the White Fang members as well, but Torchwick escapes in an airship.

Later, the police are on the scene when Weiss and Yang arrive. Weiss walks up to Blake and as Blake tries to explain that she is no longer a member of the White Fang, Weiss cuts her off, insisting she does not care and instead reprimands Blake for not coming to her team. Back at Beacon, Ozpin is watching a live feed of Ruby on the scene, when he receives a message from Qrow. Following the credits, Torchwick is seen at a warehouse, where he complains to Cinder and two of her associates about having to work with the White Fang, though she rebuffs his complaints and says they have big plans for him.