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Get Schwifty. A massive alien head appears over the Earth, interfering with Earth’s gravity and creating numerous natural disasters in the process. The head demands that that Earth “show [it] what [they] got”. Rick heads to The Pentagon where he explains to the unnamed President of the United States that the head is looking for a live performance of a new hit song. However, an earthquake has hit the Grammy Awards killing all of Earth’s best musicians (including but not limited to Pharrell Williams, Randy Newman, Billy Corgan, and The-Dream). With no choice, Rick and Morty are forced to compose the new hit song, “Get Schwifty”. The head is satisfied with the song and transports Earth to its domain, where numerous planets are forced to compete against each other in a galactic musical contest, with the losers having their planets obliterated. Rick and Morty team up with Ice-T (who is an ancient ice alien in disguise and was the only musician not killed in the earthquake) to compose a new song, but Morty is more concerned about getting his family to safety. Frustrated with Rick’s apparent disregard for the fate of his family, Morty steals Rick’s portal device but gets lost and is found by Bird Person. Bird Person encourages Morty to have more faith in Rick and sends him back to Earth. Together, Rick and Morty perform a new hit song, satisfying the heads, who declare Earth the winner. Meanwhile, the community forms a cult around the heads, worshiping them as gods, but quickly disband when they find out they were just part of a musical reality show.