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Power Rangers RPM [11] Doctor K

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While attempting to overcome a power problem with the Rangers' new zord configuration, Doctor K is haunted by memories of her childhood being held at the "Alphabet Soup" think tank and a terrible mistake for which she...

Power Rangers RPM [10] Ranger Blue

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A malfunction in his Time Manipulation Burst causes Flynn to be sidelined as the other Rangers face off against Tenaya 7 and her Grinders. While waiting for Doctor K to come up with a solution, Flynn looks back on his...

Power Rangers RPM [09] Ranger Yellow – Part 2

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Summer's parents reveal to her that they are broke, and need her to marry Chaz Winchester for his family's money. Dillon and Scott are still arguing about whether or not Summer is making the right decision on going al...

Power Rangers RPM [08] Ranger Yellow – Part 1

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Tenaya 7 attacks Corinth with the Boombot while the Rangers and Doctor K answer questions from some school kids, which makes Summer remember her past as a spoiled rich kid. The Rangers fight and destroy the Boombot, o...

Power Rangers RPM [07] Ranger Red

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After fending off a squad of Grinders, Ziggy and Dillon try to summon the Croc Carrier, but it goes out of control and requires rare technology, which only Scott knows about. However, Scott goes out alone into the des...

Power Rangers RPM [06] Ranger Green

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Ziggy and Doctor K clash as he undergoes training, while a magnetic Venjix monster launches an assault on the city. Ziggy's criminal past is revealed to the Rangers, as is how he angered the cartels by sending black-m...

Power Rangers RPM [05] Handshake

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Dillon must learn how to use his invincibility shield when Tenaya 7 tries to bring down Corinth's shield. Dillon and Ziggy use their Zords to help the Megazord, and Doctor K finally reveals "his" identity as a teenage...

Power Rangers RPM [04] Go For The Green

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The Rangers begin to search for a candidate for the Ranger Series Green. After auditioning several colorful candidates they give up. After Ziggy's past catches up to him he encounters a young woman who seems perfect. ...

Power Rangers RPM [03] Rain

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Dillon is given the chance to become the Black Ranger, but even after he passes all the tests, he himself still doesn't want to. After realizing he can protect others with the power he accepts the role, but he still h...

Power Rangers RPM [02] Fade To Black

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Ziggy & Dillon make it inside, but so do some of Venjix's forces. Now the Rangers have to deal with the attacking forces. The two new members of the city are arrested when Dillon is found to have internal Venjix H...

Power Rangers RPM [01] The Road To Corinth

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Everyone on Earth is forced into the domed city of Corinth, for it is their last safe haven from the computer virus known as Venjix. While everyone makes it safely into Corinth, a mysterious stranger later known as Di...

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive [1-2] – Kick Into Overdrive

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Ep1: Explorer Andrew Hartford finds the crown of the Corona Aurora, an extremely powerful artifact which, when reunited with its five missing jewels, could be used for good or evil. However when he inadvertently awake...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [38] Storm Before The Calm – Part 2

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Lothor discovers and destroys Ninja Ops, but leaves behind a radically changed Sensei. With renewed confidence, the shattered Rangers unite to take on Lothor's new Zord and the forces of the Abyss of Evil as it opens,...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [37] Storm Before The Calm – Part 1

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The Rangers are selected to showcase their respective talents in the US Action Games. Meanwhile, Lothor prepares the final stages of a scheme set in motion by destiny itself, as he seeks to unleash the evils within Th...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [36] Down And Dirty

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The Bradley brothers get into a huge fight when Blake beats Hunter in a motocross race. Kapri and Marah ask Shimazu to help them take over the ship. Dustin decides to switch from motocross racing to motocross freestyle.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [35] A Gem Of A Day

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Hunter's secret, that he's kept a few of the Gem of Souls fragments, comes out when Vexacus ambushes him for them. Though his teammates are upset over his hiding this from them, the artifact instead aids Cam in his pl...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [34] General Deception – Part 2

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Zurgane's Zord is obliterated by the Rangers, but the General manages to get the data from the Rangers' attacks, and uses it when creating a new Zord, the HyperZurgane Zord! It cripples the Hurricane Megazord, so can ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [33] General Deception – Part 1

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Tori gives the guys a ride when they decide to go out camping. On the way, they are ambushed, but ultimately choose not to cancel their trip anyway. Meanwhile, Zurgane is ridiculed and his rank is threatened by even L...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [32] Eye Of The Storm

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Shane's intimidating big brother comes to town, and accidentally catches him morphing and Motodrone calls a new monster named Issac who forces people to face their worst fears. The Wind Rangers are forced to face thei...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [31] Double Edged Blake

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Tori is puzzled when Blake disappears a lot for no real reason. No one else seems to know where he is or what he's doing when he's gone. When asked where he has been, he tells them very little. A new monster shows up,...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [30] The Wild Wipeout

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Tori is transported to another dimension where the Rangers are evil. She must joins forces with Lothor and his forces to defeat the Rangers and restore peace to the city. At the end Blake confesses his feelings for Tori.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [29] Shimazu Returns – Part 2

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Cameron uses the Ranger's power discs to enter a mysterious realm where he discovers a weapon that could turn the tide in the battle against the Wolfblades, the Lighting Riff Blaster. When the Wolfblades attack again,...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [28] Shimazu Returns – Part 1

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Motodrone accidentally brings to life an ancient statue, releasing an ancient evil known as Shimazu. The Rangers are forced to contend with ferocious wolf-like monsters unleashed by this new threat, but is their stren...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [27] Shane’s Karma – Part 2

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Shane is confused and overwhelmed when he learns the truth about his nightmares and their link to the past. Meanwhile, Lothor discovers that there's an old acquaintance that may be trouble and is curious as to why thi...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [26] Shane’s Karma – Part 1

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It's a special day for Tori, and the Rangers get a day off when Sensei decides to take a little trip. Shane, plagued by nightmares, comes to Tori for advice and heeds it to her chagrin. There's only one person who can...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [25] Brothers In Arms

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Motodrone is born via a real mechanical genius, Perry, who comes into the scenario when Blake's bike gets trashed during a race. Cam matches the DNA of Motodrone and finds out that he is Perry. At the end it is shown ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [24] Tongue And Cheek

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Dustin uses his Yellow Ranger powers to protect Storm Chargers from a big sports company. Kelli tells a newspaper about it and Dustin becomes famous. Shane becomes jealous of Dustin's newfound fame and Dustin begins t...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [23] Sensei Switcheroo

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Cam is overwhelmed by the desire to have a human father so much so that he decides to try to bring his father back to his normal human self. After Shane and Sensei accidentally switch bodies, Sensei must go into battl...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [22] All About Beevil

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Dustin feels like everyone thinks he's stupid when he apparently loses his bike. Meanwhile, Marah feels left out when her new friend Beevil joins the crowd and leaves only to run into Dustin who gives her a suggestion...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [21] Good Will Hunter

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Hunter is disappointed when he becomes a mentor to a boy, Charlie, who resents him. He feels a kinship with this young boy when he discovers that they have something in common but is frustrated that he can't get thoug...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [20] I Love Lothor

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Marah and Kapri convince Lothor to make a television show that will make him more likable. A new monster, Mr. Ratwell, assures Lothor that he can create a show to make him well-liked and offers to use love potions as ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [19] Scent Of A Ranger

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Cam's personality has turned around completely to the point that he's more like Dustin than, say, himself. He's better than all the other Rangers at everything. However, he doesn't seem remotely interested in being a ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [18] The Samurai’s Journey – Part 3

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The Rangers are reeling from the latest surprise when they are ambushed by Lothor. They barely manage to escape and retrieve their powers when each of them is forced to fight a monster alone. Cam is stung and almost t...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [17] The Samurai’s Journey – Part 2

Added by 1 year ago

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Cam finds himself at least thirty years in the past. There are many more surprises in store for the young warrior when he meets his mom and dad as teenagers, and discovers that his father has a brother, Kiya! Kiya is ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [16] The Samurai’s Journey – Part 1

Added by 1 year ago

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Cam resents not being a Ranger and wishes to prove himself worthy of joining them, hating how his father is too overprotective to allow him that chance. It's up to Cam to save the day though when the Rangers are strip...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [15] Pork Chopped

Added by 1 year ago

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Tori wants to hang out with Blake and Hunter but already has plans with Shane and Dustin. Rather than break plans with either group, she decides to do both with no one being any the wiser. It gets harder than expected...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [14] Boxing Bopp-A-Roo

Added by 1 year ago

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The Rangers have agreed to work together to defeat Lothor. But there's still some conflicts. Shane and Hunter are finding it hard to work with each other. And with a competition coming up, they're both trying to out d...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [13] Return Of Thunder – Part 4

Added by 1 year ago

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Choobo blames the Thunder Rangers for his punishment and will stop at nothing to seek revenge, capturing them when they go out for a ride to decide if they will accept Tori, Shane, and Dustin's tempting offer. They ar...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [12] Return Of Thunder – Part 3

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Blake is much more eager to save his brother than the Wind Rangers are, but they help anyway especially when they realize that the island is sinking. They find Hunter who struggles to find himself in his rage, forcing...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [11] Return Of Thunder – Part 2

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Temperatures across the globe are dropping at an alarming rate, while the confused Rangers find themselves on an island. Lothor looks on gleefully as the Thunder Rangers battle the Wind Rangers until Blake and Hunter ...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [10] Return Of Thunder – Part 1

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Tori misses Blake so much that she decides to go for a ride and ends up running in to Blake, and he has something to tell her. She later talks to Shane and Dustin about what she's learned, but they are hesitant. Meanw...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [09] Snip It, Snip It Good

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Tori is sent on a ninja training mission to find a turtle which holds a scroll to unlock a power disk. While Tori is on this mission Dustin and Shane go to an environmental conference. A monster shows up who cuts of t...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [08] Nowhere To Grow

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The Rangers have reason to believe that Lothor is up to something when they find weird, smelly seeds that were planted in the ground. Sensei sends them to Dr. Belrab, a botanist to find out more information, much to t...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [07] Thunder Strangers – Part 3

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After Sensei seals himself inside a protective sphere, the Thunder Rangers head for a cave that contains what they need to break it. Hot on their trail, the Ninja Storm Rangers catch up with and briefly aid them. When...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [06] Thunder Strangers – Part 2

Added by 1 year ago

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The Thunder Rangers finally strike, defeating the Wind Rangers with their own Tsunami Cycles and Zords. When Blake is injured protecting Tori, she takes him to Ninja headquarters. With their location discovered, the T...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [05] Thunder Strangers – Part 1

Added by 1 year ago

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Cam is in need of the data disc for the Tsunami Cycles, which Dustin had last, all unaware that it's not only landed in the hands of the evil Thunder Rangers, but has been used to give them their own Cycles! This lead...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [04] Looming Thunder

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The Rangers encounter a new enemy named Terra Mole, who causes sismic disturbances in the city as he burrows underground; Dustin isolates himself. Blake and Hunter, the two warriors from thunder ninja academy, show up.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [03] Beauty And The Beach

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Tori is upset at being considered one of the guys and wishes to appear more feminine rather than tom boyish. She turns to Sensei for advice but is disappointed. Lothor's nieces use this to trick her into going to a "f...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [02] There’s No I In Team

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Virtual training missions between the three Rangers highlights a major fault in their teamwork, focused directly upon team leader Shane. Despite Sensei's reminding that he must learn to trust in his teammates, the Red...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [01] Prelude To A Storm

Added by 1 year ago

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Three young extreme sports fans and friends, surfer Tori, skateboarder Shane, and motocrosser Dustin, spend their afternoons together at the Wind Ninja Academy, where the future stealth protectors of the Earth are tra...

Power Rangers Mystic Force [32] Mystic Fate – Part 2

Added by 1 year ago

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Nick, not willing to give up, fights Black Lance, destroying him with the other Rangers. The Master then arrives, spitting out a dead Daggeron and Leanbow. The Master then devours time until they are in the future, a ...

Power Rangers Mystic Force [31] Mystic Fate – Part 1

Added by 1 year ago

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Itasiss is chosen to destroy the surface world. Refusing, she tries to convince the remaining Terrors of the thing called courage; she is killed anyway. The Master decides it is time to take care of things himself, st...

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