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Power Rangers In Space [10] A Wasp With A Heart

Added by 4 years ago

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A wasp monster doesn't have it in him to be evil, and he helps and befriends Cassie, who sticks up for him when confronted by the other Rangers.

Power Rangers In Space [09] The Craterite invasion

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A Simudeck malfunction causes the Craterites to multiply, escape, and attack Angel Grove.

Power Rangers In Space [08] When Push Comes To Shove

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Cassie is blackmailed into going out with a loser, who she finds out to not be such a bad guy. The date goes awry when one of Astronema's monsters tries to knock down the building they are in, which happens to contain...

Power Rangers In Space [07] A Ranger Among Thieves

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Andros befriends a trio of thieves, who become endangered when a monster who can harness electricity attacks their stolen car hideout.

Power Rangers In Space [06] Satellite Search

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A satellite holding valuable information crash lands on the planet Kalderon. The Rangers find it, but Astronema battles the Rangers and steals it from them. She ties the Rangers up to be eaten by a Clawhammer.

Power Rangers In Space [05] Never Stop Searching

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Andros investigates some energy readings coming from KO-35, believing it to be his lost sister. What he finds is Ecliptor waiting for him instead.

Power Rangers In Space [04] Shell Shocked

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Astronema uses her powers to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles evil, and has them con the Rangers into letting them on the Megaship, so they can take it over for her.

Power Rangers In Space [03] Save Our Ship

Added by 4 years ago

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The Power Rangers return to Earth with Andros and an explosive welcome from Ecliptor and Astronema, which threatens to make their stopover permanent.

Power Rangers In Space [02] From Out Of Nowhere – Part 2

Added by 4 years ago

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The Red Ranger finally reveals himself to be Andros and grants the four former Turbo Rangers their new powers. Together they are able to battle and defeat Astronema's forces for the first time using their new weapons ...

Power Rangers In Space [01] From Out Of Nowhere – Part 1

Added by 4 years ago

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A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of Dark Specter's alliance as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, T.J., Cassie, Carlos, andAshley's space flight is inter...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [38] Thunder Struck – Part 2

Added by 4 years ago

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The Rangers return from Mesogog's island to the Dino Lab, where they find it destroyed. Hayley finds a box, in which is a hidden camera. The Rangers and Hayley learn that Zeltrax has captured Elsa. Meanwhile, Zeltrax ...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [37] Thunder Struck – Part 1

Added by 4 years ago

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The first of the two part finale starts when Mesogog tortures Anton Mercer and shows Elsa his latest plan, a giant cannon that can defeat the Rangers and bring back The Dinosaurs in our world. For that he will be need...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [36] A Test Of Trust

Added by 4 years ago

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Conner, Ethan and Kira recall how much they've changed since becoming Rangers, while Trent faces losing his powers unless he finds a way to redeem himself. Will Trent succeed or is this the end for the White Ranger? M...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [35] House Of Cards

Added by 4 years ago

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Trent arouses the suspicion of his teammates as he tries to keep his promise to his father Anton and keep the scientist's identity as Mesogog secret. When Elsa uses a card she confiscated (during which her secret as P...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [34] Drawn Into Danger

Added by 4 years ago

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Trent attends a comic convention to show his work to famous artist Carson Brady. Elsa is also there and gives Carson a pen that possesses him, making him draw a comic where the Power Rangers face off with Elsa's lates...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [33] In Your Dreams

Added by 4 years ago

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Elsa invades the Rangers dreams in order to destroy them for good. With each Ranger facing off against a unique monster, will they be able to overcome their fears?

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [32] Thunder Storm – Part 2

Added by 4 years ago

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As Cam, Hunter and Blake venture into the Abyss of Evil to retrieve their lost powers, the evil Wind Rangers challenge the Rangers to a rematch. Just as both teams are about to morph, Cam and the Thunder Rangers appea...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [31] Thunder Storm – Part 1

Added by 4 years ago

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Lothor manages to climb his way out of the Abyss Of Evil and, with his own corrupt Power Discs, brainwashes the Ninja Storm trio into servitude. After the Wind Rangers lay waste to their Ninja Academy, Cam alerts Hunt...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [30] Strange Relations

Added by 4 years ago

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As Mesogog and Anton Mercer battle for control, a fluctuation in the Morphing Grid forces the White Ranger and his evil clone to meet in a final battle. Meanwhile, the other Rangers do battle with Mesogog's Jade Gladi...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [29] Isn’t It Lava-ly

Added by 4 years ago

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Volcanologist Dr. Morton is captured by Elsa as a part of her latest scheme to activate a long-dormant volcano. Meanwhile, an overconfident Ethan takes part in a video game competition and is shocked to discover his o...

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