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The 30 minute show typically contains 3 episodes. The voices were all provided by Marc du Pontavice, but no spoken voice is heard, but the speaking voice was used only in the United States. However in the French version, certain voices like laughter could be used on one of the cats and later on one of the cockroaches when sped up. In Germany, witty poems relating to the screen action were dubbed over the original sound, written by German dialog editor legend Eberhard Storeckand spoken by actor Dirk Bach.

In India, Oggy et les Cafards used to air under its English name “Oggy and the Cockroaches” on Nickelodeon India since 2009 with voice-actors voicing the characters in voices of famous Indian film stars in Hindi. The entire series was re-dubbed with different voice actors for Cartoon Network. As of 16th July 2012, this newly dubbed version of the show has begun airing on Cartoon Network India. The change of channel has also resulted in the change of voice actors for the programme.