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Crossnize! Star Dragon World! Gao and Drum chase the Hundred Demon that snatched Tenbu, “Dekalfar Demon Swordsman, Heim” into Dragon World. While at Dragon World, they come across the fight between Tasuku and Purgatory Knight. Tasuku is defeated Purgatory Knight, and while he is feeling depressed Gao told him everything that was happening on earth. Including Gao becoming a Buddy Police Trainee and the Hundred Demons. The two feel down as they think that they can’t become who they aim to be. “Instead of becoming someone else, become a stronger version of yourself, Jack says. Thanks to Jack’s words Tasuku stands up, full of excitement. Tasuku enters into a rematch with Purgatory Knight and finally defeats him. With the mission of defeating his past self complete, Dynamis appears and bestows upon Tasuku and Jack Knife the power of Star Dragon World.