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Hoo-hah! A Hundred Thousand Ziun Years in Search of Friends! First Omni Beast Lord Ziun awakens from his ten thousand year slumber. He wishes to look for the friends that have gotten lost during his slumber. Ikazuchi craves Ziun, thjinking he will taste like Tenbu does, and sends Shid oto go claim him. Shido arrives and tricks Ziun into fighting for him instead of taking him to Ikazuchi. Shido elieves that if Ziun wins, he’ll be able to take Tenbu and Ziun to Ikazuchi simultaneously. Meanwhile Gao sleeps late due on a Sunday, forgetting he has make-up lessons scheduled. Zanya arrives and tries to wake-up Gao but fails. Zanya leaves frustrated, but Tetsuya comes over afterwards and manages to wake up Gao and accompany him to the Academy. Death Shido waits for Gao at the Academy, but Zanya arrives first and Ziun mistakes that Tetsuya is Gao. Ziun challenges Zanya to a fight. Tetsuya is defeating with shocking ease. Ziun then challenges Gao to a battle. With advice from Tetsuya Gao is able to form the Gao formation with his Hero World deck and defeat Ziun. The Buddy Police Youth decide to let Ziun wander the streets freely after learning he isn’t a hundred demons card, but i the process they forget their make-up lessons and leave the Academy.