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Bea begins to realize her feelings for Oscar and asks Shellsea for advice, who instantly tells her that she definitely shouldn’t go out with Oscar. Meanwhile, Oscar begins to imagine college life, where he and Bea would stay friends as she’d tell him about all of her new relationships. Oscar then realizes that if he wants their relationship to change, he has to change it himself. Bea and Oscar continue to grow closer, Bea still feeling like she and Oscar have something. Milo tells Oscar that he shouldn’t tell Bea about his feelings because it will ruin the friendship, but Oscar isn’t completely convinced. After seeking advice from her parents, they tell Bea that she’ll know she’s in love when she feels it – “The Big Woo.” Bea doesn’t feel it, so she doesn’t think that she loves Oscar. At graduation, Oscar finally admits his feelings to Bea, who cuts him off and tells him she doesn’t know how she feels. Oscar is crushed, and Bea goes to make her graduation speech. In the middle of the speech, she feels the Big Woo after memories of her and Oscar float by her, and she admits her feelings to Oscar in front of their entire class. Oscar finally heard the words he’s wanted to hear his entire life, and is overjoyed, as is Milo. Bea gains her confidence and gives her speech, and everyone graduates. Esmargot and Albert share a kiss; Jocktopus, Jocktopapa, and Rocktopus share a picture; and everyone is happy. Milo, Oscar, and Bea take pictures with Bird Mom. The series ends with Bea and Oscar sharing a loving kiss, their fins intertwined.