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Papa Has a Rollin’ Son. At the Drunken Clum, the guys talk about the upcoming Father’s Day. Eventually, Joe reveals that he is estranged from his father and tries to blow the situation off, but when he leaves to receive another beer, the guys decide to find Joe’s father. They find Joe’s dad online and try to make it a suprise. But when they accidentally reveal the truth to Joe, Joe reveals that their estrangement comes from his father’s intollerance to handicapped people and his father is currently unaware of his disability, prompting Peter to suggest hiding the truth. They try using a horse to pass off as Joe’s legs, but Peter provokes it into destroying Joe’s living room. When all seems lost, Peter decides to pretend to be Joe, suggesting that his dad won;t tell the difference. Joe’s dad, Bud, arrives and the disguise works. Joe becomes Peter for father’s day and when Bud sees him, he starts mocking him. Peter visits his family and Joe and reveals that he invited Bud to move in with him and Bonnie, much to their ire. Peter then invites Joe to tell Bud the truth, but Joe is hesitant. When Peter and Bud attempt to play catch, they see Joe trying to take they trash out…