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Feeling Crabby / Rock Your World Record.
“Feeling Crabby” – Noby promises his friends a king crab feast, but real crab is too expensive, so Doraemon demonstrates a gadget that can change an object’s outward appearance (i.e. giving another food the appearance of crab). A mishap occurs and Noby and Doraemon are both changed into crabs themselves – and Noby nearly ends up as dinner for Big G’s family. Gadgets introduced: Make Believe Mist, Revealer Rinse.
“Rock Your World Record” – Doraemon straps a rock-like gadget onto Noby’s back allowing him to challenge various athletic world records, and Noby ends up on a mission to deliver a watermelon to Sue’s mom. Gadgets introduced: Record Rock, Insta-Pit.