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Deep Trouble in Canyon Land! The Fusion Fighters arrive to Canyon Land and find the Dark General known as Gravitymon the Earth-Spirit has his army of Hippogriffomon, Cerberusmon, and Endigomon stationed around his fortress in preparation for their opposition’s arrival. In response, voicing his intention to prove his strength, Christopher reveals his plan to take the castle by surprise while the Fusion Fighter serve as distractions to lure the army outside. Despite everyone’s objection, Mikey accepts the plan and the group carries it out: Nene and JetMervamon dealing with the Hippogriffomon, Dorulumon and Beelzemon holding off the Cerberusmon, and Mikey, Shoutmon, and Blastmon distracting the Endigomon. But after acting on his own whim to take out the opposition with his allies caught in the crossfire, Christopher and MetalGreymon reach Gravitymon and take out the Dark General’s forces as Mikey and his group arrive.