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Gold Land and the Irate Pirate!After landing on the Gold Land which contains a wide Golden Sea, the Fusion Fighters find no traces of the Dark General’s flag before a pirate ship rises from underwater. On the ship is the Dark General Olegmon the Gold Thief, who has heard of the Fusion Fighters and wishes to have them join his crew. But the team refuses and start attacking Olegmon’s crew to take his ship, only to find Lunamon, Spadamon, and Coronamon hypnotized as the Dark General’s grunts. Olegmon proceeds to place Shoutmon, Greymon, Sparrowmon, Cutemon, Starmon, the Pickmonz, Knightmon, and the ChessPawnmon under his shanty’s spell. This forces the rest of the Fusion Fighters to escape with Ballistamon’s help as he is unaffected, with Olegmon recognizing him. Going into hiding as Olegmon sends his first mate Mermaidmon to hunt them down, the Fusion Fighters speculate that Olegmon’s spell does not effect humans and machine-type Digimon with Christopher seeing Cyberdramon to be ideal.