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Power Rangers Mystic Force [21] Koragg’s Trial

Added by 4 years ago

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Koragg takes his magic from Necrolai to challenge the Rangers' new Legend power. When Koragg grows, the Rangers use the Manticore Megazord and start to win, but Imperious summons a virus that infects the Megazord (and...

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – The Movie

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Six teenagers Tommy, Kimberly, Adam, Billy, Rocky and Aisha have discovered the power to fight the forces of evil. A giant egg is unearthed in Angel Grove. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa investigate the egg, and release t...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [01] Quasar Quest – Part 1

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The GSA are preparing to launch Terra Venture, a space colony on a mission to find a new world. However, a man named Leo also wants to travel aboard Terra Venture but has been denied a passport, and so he secretly cli...

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy [02] Quasar Quest – Part 2

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Kai feels guilty about leaving his fellow teammates behind, and decides to go after them aboard the Astro Megaship which is now a museum. The ship's mechanic Damon, along with Alpha 6, doesn't think that the ship will...

Power Rangers Mystic Force [32] Mystic Fate – Part 2

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Nick, not willing to give up, fights Black Lance, destroying him with the other Rangers. The Master then arrives, spitting out a dead Daggeron and Leanbow. The Master then devours time until they are in the future, a ...

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-S2-[01] The Mutiny – Part 1

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The Ranger teens take part in a charity 4-wheeler race on Earth. But up on the moon, things are far from routine. Rita Repulsa and her Evil Space Aliens are taken by surprise when Lord Zedd, Rita's boss and evil overl...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [01] Welcome To The Jungle – Part 1

Added by 4 years ago

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Theo, Lily, and rookie Casey, members of the secretive kung fu academy Pai Zhuq (Order of the Claw), are chosen to become the latest guardians of the ancient imprisoned spirit, Dai Shi. However, Jarrod, who was reject...

Power Rangers Wild Force [03] Click, Click, Zoom

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Master Org gives Toxica and Jindrax a pep talk in preparation for his next dastardly plan. Cole reads Taylor's Ranger rule book, but says there should only be one rule: teamwork. Taylor storms off and arrives in the c...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [08] Way Of The Master

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Camille sends out Pangolin to attack the city for preparation of the Sky Overlord's resurrection. The Rangers must seek out the Jungle Mace in order to defeat Pangolin. Unfortunately Master Phant has left Pai Zhuq and...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [19] Path Of The Rhino

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Dominic was sent out by Master Mao to find purpose for his life. He finds out that RJ and the others are really Rangers and he wants to join them. He now knows that this is his purpose in life. Casey is dubious but Do...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [10] Return Of Thunder – Part 1

Added by 4 years ago

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Tori misses Blake so much that she decides to go for a ride and ends up running in to Blake, and he has something to tell her. She later talks to Shane and Dustin about what she's learned, but they are hesitant. Meanw...

Power Rangers In Space [06] Satellite Search

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A satellite holding valuable information crash lands on the planet Kalderon. The Rangers find it, but Astronema battles the Rangers and steals it from them. She ties the Rangers up to be eaten by a Clawhammer.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [09] Good Karma, Bad Karma

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Casey has a better idea on how to use his secret weapon, a red kite, to get rid of the slime on Slickgon so the Rangers can destroy him. Meanwhile, Carnisoar erases Jarrod's past good deeds.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers-S1- [15] Green With Evil – Part 2 – Jason’s Battle

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With the Command Center still incapacitated from the Green Ranger's attack, the Rangers remain oblivious to Tommy's evil secret identity. This leaves Jason vulnerable when Tommy teleports him to the Dark Dimension. Ca...

Power Rangers Jungle Fury [20] Dash For The Dagger

Added by 4 years ago

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Dominic and Theo depart for the Control Dagger, but are side tracked with the attack of Whirnado. Meanwhile, Dai Shi returns to the temple where he is imprisoned. Camille attempts to take the Control Dagger which is t...

Power Rangers Time Force [39] End Of Time – Part 2

Added by 4 years ago

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Wes sends the team back to the future. Now it's up to Wes and Eric to resolve their issues, and defend the city. In the future, the Rangers discover what happened to the city and their friend: the city was ultimately ...

Power Rangers Dino Thunder [34] Drawn Into Danger

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Trent attends a comic convention to show his work to famous artist Carson Brady. Elsa is also there and gives Carson a pen that possesses him, making him draw a comic where the Power Rangers face off with Elsa's lates...

Power Rangers In Space [28] The Rangers Leap Of Faith

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Astronema leads the Rangers to the planet where Zordon is being held captive. It turns out to be a trap, set up by Dark Specter to capture the Rangers..

Power Rangers Mystic Force [11] The Gatekeeper – Part 1

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When Clare learns of her mother Niella's legacy, she takes on the role of the Gatekeeper. While she is victorious against Necrolai, she tries and fails to overpower Koragg after he kidnaps Udonna and forces Clare to f...

Power Rangers Ninja Storm [11] Return Of Thunder – Part 2

Added by 4 years ago

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Temperatures across the globe are dropping at an alarming rate, while the confused Rangers find themselves on an island. Lothor looks on gleefully as the Thunder Rangers battle the Wind Rangers until Blake and Hunter ...

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